The DfE Leadership Coaching Pledge - Women Leading in Education

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Women in Leadership

The School Workforce Census shows that 66% of headteachers are female (compared to 74% of all classroom teachers), meaning that women are under-represented in leadership positions.

In the latest available data (2016):

  • 73% of heads in primary schools were female, compared with 85% of all female teachers in primary schools.
  • 39% of heads in secondary schools were female, compared with 62% of all female teachers in secondary schools.

The DfE coaching pledge invites all current leaders to make a voluntary pledge to coach aspiring female leaders.

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If you would like to access information about a potential coach to support your leadership development, find a coach here.

You will need to fill in a short survey to access coach information - no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Important: once the survey is complete you will be given a password to access the coach information - therefore it is important that the survey is completed - to reassure you it should only take 5 minutes.  The survey is confidential, however your responses help us improve the support we can give to women teachers and leaders.

Volunteer to coach:

This is a great opportunity to potentially transform the leadership journey of women teachers by helping to increase confidence, unlock potential and build resilience. It is also an opportunity to develop and maintain your own coaching skills. Volunteer to coach here.

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What was the importance of coaching to you? Quotes from participants who have experienced coaching:

“Coaching has had a huge impact on my leadership style. I believe everyone has the ability to improve their own performance through guided support. Coaching is an effective method to provide leaders in education with the chance to explore their areas of concern and leadership development in a safe space.”

“I have been applying for leadership positions for over two years and not getting anywhere until I started working with my coach. Since taking part in coaching I have already had two interviews and hope to move to a permanent position this academic year. This is mainly thanks to the improvements I have made to my application letter writing, which is all down to the coaching."