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An invite to register for coaching:

We are inviting women teachers at all stages of their career to develop their leadership skills through coaching. Coaching is at no cost to participants. You can register your interest here.

Our ambition is to have at least 1,000 aspiring women leaders supported through coaching. The scheme is at no cost to you.

The leadership coaching pledge is one of the measures announced by government to support women in teaching.

This information is for women teachers who would like to get leadership coaching. If you would like to become a coach, please read our information on how to volunteer to become a WLE coach.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a one-to-one approach to professional development. It is non-directive and focuses on supporting the individual to find ways to develop their skills. It usually lasts for a short period and focuses on specific skills and goals.


Find a coach:

Once you’ve registered your interest in being coached you should:

  • First use the password you have been sent  to access the WLE coaching directory
  • look through the coaching directory to identify potential coaches
    • the directory lists the details of coaches that have volunteered and can be searched by locality and school phase. Each coach has written a profile which details their coaching experience, style and approach. We suggest that you identify 2 or 3 possible coaches in case your first choice is not available.
    • the directory is updated monthly
  • email the coach directly with your contact information, details of when you’d like the coaching to start and how you hope the coaching will help you on your leadership journey (the coach will aim to respond within 10 working days)
  • discuss your requirements with the coach and agree whether you wish to work together
  • agree a format for your coaching such as through a coaching agreement Coaching_agreement (MS Word Document) with the coach and agree coaching session frequency and format (face-to-face, email, telephone, video-based, digital or a mixture of these)

If you need help identifying a coach please contact us:

Coaching can:

  • give you flexible support tailored to your needs
  • give you the opportunity to consider your career options
  • enhance your performance and effectiveness
  • help you reflect on how you might behave differently to make greater impact
  • build self-confidence and resilience to find solutions
  • help you achieve your full career potential


We have some short FAQs for both coaches and participants in this document - it will help you understand both the perspective of the coach and of course may answer any questions you may have.  You can always email WLEcoaching@tscouncil.org.uk with any questions that are not adddressed.


Once the coaching is complete, we suggest you and your coach complete an Evaluation (MS Word Document) . This is confidential between you and your coach.

As a part of our ongoing evaluation we will send you an online feedback survey. This will help us to demonstrate that the coaching pledge is making a difference, meeting the needs of women teachers and increasing the number of women leaders in education.

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