Teaching School Case Studies

We are currently developing a new approach to developing case studies to represent the excellent work undertaken by teaching schools in England and will represent fresh content by Easter 2017.

An important resource that you can access to view a range of highly relevant case studies that was published in June 2016 can be downloaded here.  See Below for more information on the sturcture of the document.


About this document

Part 1 of this publication presents case study reports of the nine cohort 1 teaching school alliances. Part 2 presents the nine cohort 2 TSAs and Part 3 the eight cohort 3 TSAs.

The case studies involved 18 case studies of cohorts 1 and 2 TSAs and 8 case studies of cohort 3 TSAs. These alliances were led by teaching schools in contrasting socio-economic contexts, in different phases and sectors, of different sizes and types, in different urban/rural locations, with different governance structures, and with different legacies of collaboration and partnership.

Please use the table of contents (which is interactive) to guide you to the sections that would be of interest to you.