A self-improving school-led system

The Teaching Schools Council (TSC) is developing, improving and changing education in English schools through a self-improving school-led system, so that all children attend a good school.

It does this by representing and acting as an ambassador for the values and aspirations of teaching schools nationally and internationally.  With a network of over 700 teaching schools and with links to other key stakeholder organisations, the TSC has access to the nation’s most effective leaders and so is uniquely placed to support Ministers and officials on policy formation and implementation.

The TSC also plays a key role in the development of a regional school-led strategy to improve outcomes in all schools, particularly those that are not yet good. Members of the Council proactively build partnerships and broker collaborative working arrangements between teaching schools in their regions and with the regional schools commissioners (RSC), OFSTED, academy trusts, local authorities, Dioceses and other organisations in order to:

  • Support system improvement by ensuring teaching schools play a full role in initial teacher education, leadership development, and school to school support, particularly in areas of highest disadvantage
  • Contribute  to the development of coherent and sustainable regionalised structures, within which teaching schools and their alliances can work effectively to ensure that all children attend a good school;
  • Build capacity in the system by working with partners to identify key regional priorities, direct resources to them and evaluate impact